Apr 16, 2012

Hair diary

 My hair since 2010-2012.
So many colour changes etc..that i'm wondering i still have any hair left.. Cutting it short was a wise decision. Now i let it grow healthy, a new start. These shots are not in any order. But you can still see the "too many changes".

whoah! With next outfit post you will see the new shorter look :)

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  1. i lovee the new cut! it really frames your face and you look so sweet ;-) i also love looking back at the older photos of you and your hair! i cant wait to watch your new hair grow ;-) missing you nita <3


  2. Oho, vautsi! Eipä oo edes tajunnut kuinka paljon sun hiukset on muutamassa vuodessa muuttuneet.
    Ja oot kyllä persoonallisen kaunis. :-)

  3. Woah love the second dress and the style stalker leggings. So cool. Can't wait to see your new hair.

  4. I love the 3rd and 4th one the most! Along with when it was red!

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