Sep 30, 2011

While waiting..

 Some time ago i promised to make a post about my make up routines. Even though i don't use heavy make up but i am very interested generally about it and skincare. I am trying to go to school and  study more about it later on.
So, le'ts start.

Sometimes i use Dr.Jart+ premium BB 
Which is really good under make up or you can skip the foundation too. It's that good!

My favorite foundations right now are:
I like to switch those 3 around.

My favorite powder is Peter Thomas Roth instant mineral 30spf.
I just love it. It's a bit pricey but it is worth it.

Concealers next. For under eyes i use right now Diorskin nude skin perfecting concealer.   I like that it has spf 20 which is necessary. For blemishes and such i use clinique advanced concealer camoflant extreme
I am not entirely happy with it though. I have it in the lightest colour but still it's a bit too dark..

 Highlighters next, I swear for Benefit products. They are the best when it comes to blushed and highlighters.
So i use Benefit highbeam.  I must say it is the best i've tried so far. Sometimes i also use Yves saint laurent's touche eclat but i don't think it's as good as the benefit one.
For blush i use some of these 3
I didn't find any link for that last one. I think they don't make it anymore?
Mascara and eyeliner next. I don't use anything else than a white khol around y eyes to brighten them. Right now it is Lumene eyemake up pencil number 7.
 As for mascara the best for me right now is Covergirl lash perfection volumizing mascara.  Lower lashes i use Clinique bottom lash mascara.  That product is a gem! 
I am a bit of a mascara junkie. So i also recommend these for you
Ok, i think here is the main stuff. I also use sometimes lipstick,stains, glosses etc..but i don't have any favorites yet.

 I tried to find some close up pictures but..well, these are not the best to show the make up. I hope these will do though.
Next time new outfit post!

BY THE WAY! Tell me your best ever make up product? any tips?

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  1. I love benefit high beam too! Have you tried any other bb creams that you like? your skin looks really good :)

  2. thanks! that dr.jart one is the only one i tried. any recommendations?

  3. loved reading your tips. I never noticed the white til you pointed it out and I love it!

    I am a mascara junkie too and the very best one I have EVER used is L'Oreal's is SUPERB!

    I realize it is just a drug store brand but it is FANTASTIC!

  4. great tips! i love the jacket you're wearing on this photo


  5. You have great hair! wish mine was like that :) Visit my blog and if you like it we can follow each other :)


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