Jan 22, 2012


Tomorrow i turn 27.  Three years untill 30. God damn...Sorry for my sleepy look. Insomnia..

Winter is not my season as you may have noticed for the lack of outfit post's. Also, i don't like these indoor shots but we have to wait for the spring to do them outdoors again, i'm afraid. Untill then..

outfit: shirt from stuntman, pants: etoile Isabel Marant Gary tartan wool-belnd cropped pants,( also these from Isabel Marant would be great to have.) shoes: underground. Though when i ventured outside in these shoes i noticed they were too slippery on the snow. I may have to wait for the snow to melt before using these again. Sigh, i hate winter.(.By the way, these shoes from underground are also in my want list.)
bag: Michael Kors

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