Jan 9, 2011

Black Swan

 Finally, we wen't to see the Black Swan and what do you know, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen where there as well!
The movie was okay. Not as good as i expected though.

 outfit:  with hearts in my eyes bell bottoms, vintage coach packbag, american apparel pull over, topshop coat, gloves from forever21, cross necklace from beacon's closet, old wedges from finland ( they are good for the wet winter weather in the city )

EDIT: I am hosting another give away soon. I promised it before christmas but i ´didn't have the time then but now while i am sick i have all the time :) So, stay tuned!
Also sorry for my sickly complexion and eyes. I am even more paler than before, if that's even possible! I am still sick..Bare with me :)

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