Sep 27, 2008

I am crazy about DEBBIE HARRY

Ain't she something? one of the style icons from the past for sure.
i so love this one.
i wished to see to whole outfit, but upper part looks nice and look at her face!

i wanna have this outfit, already have the boots :)
i love this in white. she looks innocent. witch is rare for her.

sorry double post, i removed another but it takes day or two.

like a rock queen, i just adore her!
great outfit!
this outfit looks really cool, sorry again doubles, i removed one,

this is one of my favorite pics ^

so sexy, i found a bit Kate in her.

again pure cool!
with Andy Warhol, pictures from google


Deborah Harry, 1986 - As the face and voice behind Blondie, one of New Wave’s most influential bands to emerge during the punk heyday of the 1970s, Debbie Harry is best known for her hypnotically wild stage moves, edgy cool voice, and two-tone bottle-blond hair. Born in 1945 in Miami, Florida, she was adopted at three months and raised by the Harry family in Hawthorne, New Jersey. In 1965, she moved to New York City where she worked as a Playboy Bunny and a waitress at Max’s Kansas City, a famous Warhol-inhabited nightspot. In 1974, she and long-time boyfriend, Chris Stein, started the band “Angel and the Snakes,” later changing it to “Blondie,” a phrase coined from the truck drivers that would yell out “Hey Blondie!” as Harry walked by. Daring to go where very few female singers had gone before, Debbie Harry became a model for strong front-women in the male dominated world of Rock and Roll. Blondie spent eight years winning the world over with their infectious post-punk sound. "Heart of Glass," the reggae-tinged "The Tide Is High," and "Call Me" were major chart-toppers in America. When Francesco Scavullo shot this photo, Harry had just released her third solo album. Scavullo described her as “a miracle of a person, very free, does’t care about angles, just moves and always looks great.” To date, Blondie has reunited and are still touring all over the world.
Okay, something about me, i have relaxed this weekend, basically just reading etc.. so that's why no outfit pictures, but tomorrow again, and i bring my camera with me to London :) Strangely i woke up today 4 am, Sunday morning! and i went sleep 12.oops! so i slept like 4 hours, so maybe little napping today dont ya think :)
i would appreciate if there was some other supporters to but me in who what wear daily site, that would be my dream come true and i would be happy and forever thankful, thanks megs again :) lovely Sunday everyone!
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