Jan 18, 2011

Movies and antibiotics

The weather in NYC is horrible right now. It's really difficult to wear anything interesting. Overall i am really bad at winter dressing. I am hopeless with thick clothing. I miss my t-shirts..

Went to see the True grit yesterday. When you are sick (over 3 weeks, but who's counting..ehrm..) thats the best you can do if you don't want to be in bed at home all the time. I started antibiotics so maybe i will get better later this week. Our doctor friend said that this kind of flu can easily last 4 weeks. Sigh..

True grit was a good movie. Not as good as Fighter was, but still i recommend it :)

 Yesteday when i came home, these were waiting for me:
alexander wang platforms & Jessica Simpson dany's

Alexander Wang platforms

outfit: second hand shirt, forever21 skirt, beacon's closet necklace, Alexander Wang brenda bag, topshop boots

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  1. i like your blog!
    gorgeous outfit+ lovely shoes!!!
    dog is very cute.

  2. Oh, thank you so much <3

  3. lovely outfit !
    i love the Jessica Simpson Dany's !
    i would love you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  4. Soooooo cute dear!

  5. Thanks! I'll check your blogs soon :)

  6. Gorgeous shoes-- loving the alexander wangs!! you look very chic with your long skirt!

  7. amazing shoes! love your skirt and shirt.xx


  8. :) Thank you so much for lovely comments! I will check your blogs asap!

  9. loveee the shoes! y'know i was soo pumped to see true grit! like really pumped.. but my fiance took a peek online and said it wasnt that great. pooo. are you a de niro fan? im so upset i missed the golden globes cus there was some kind of special award or whatever for robert de niro and im so sad i missed it!

  10. great skirt & love your dany's. xx

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a fox tail if you'd like to check it out. xx

  11. wow, you got the dany's I want those! you have a lovely dog =)

    following you, hope you can follow back =)


  12. those are awesome shoes!
    following you now!!

  13. Oooooh amazing shoes!!
    Following you.

  14. The Dolce Gabbanas by JC. :) I love your outfit and shoes. WOW.

    Ps. I thought that was Kate Moss in your below post.

    And I'm Team Edward too. :)_

    x X

  15. hello! did i already tell you how cute you look in these photos? :)

    ok so favorite actors: robert de niro, morgan freeman, matt damon is starting to get on my good side, and last but not least steve buscemi!!!

    favorite actresses: helena bonham carter, uma thurman (probably only in pulp fiction and kill bill), kate winslet, meryl streep, and katherine hepburn (who is flawless)!

    favorite movies: eternal sunshine, pulp fiction, kill bill, reservoir dogs, the departed, (cliche) but fight club.. oh and SO many more! this can go on for days! what about you?! :) xo!

    hope youre having a good day.

    one more question. 2pac or biggie?
    id say biggie :) lol

  16. you look great! love the maxi skirt! ! xx

  17. Yes, it was good...not, like, the best movie ever like folks kept sayin', but so good. And you are SO adorable!

  18. My dear Nita,

    I hope you can be better soon :) I know how hard is to get sick, I hate when it happens too...anyway,
    you look stunning...this skirt is fab! you can dress nice during the hard winter too...love your style, always!

  19. love your new shoes.. and yay to the JS Dany in snake! I still want then in the purple velvet, I wonder if they are still on sale!!
    Also love your skirt, great find from F21! WAY TO GO GIRL! ;) xX

  20. love all from this post, the outfit, alex wang bag, new shoes, and your dog!

    I follow you!!!!!!!

    hope u follow me back ;)


  21. Thank you for ever lovely comments! i'll be back to you asap :)

  22. fabulous boots!!!!!!!!!!
    xo chauss

  23. oh my god i am in love

  24. Dying ot see the fighter! You look amazing, as usual :) And what a fantastic thing to come home to ;) Love the Wangs!


  25. Love love all your shoes. want to see both on you!

  26. I don't know why no one notices, but these Jessica Simpson shoes look exactly like Jeffrey Campbell ones!



  27. Thanks a lot for this nice pics I like this blog keep posting and updating the blog on regular interval.

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