Mar 16, 2013

When you free your mind you gain your life- system of a down

 My beautiful friend and i took some photos the other day. Of course it was like -20 celsius and with my Sunday afternoon pallor  (imagine i was in Florida just about month ago, where's the tan?? :D) plus my red nose i looked very delightful. ehem.. not. But now you can see my coat better!

 My friend takes awesome pictures though, if you forget my sickly looks. She will take more later on. Meanwhile, check her blog out!

I am wearing my newest pair of Raybans, only sunglass brand i ever wear, isabel marant pants and acne palma boots plus Marc Aurel coat.

 By the way, i am selling some clothes. If you are my facebook friend you already know this. Here is an example of what i am talking about:

 Everything what i am wearing here i am selling, except glasses and boots... and Moses is not for sale!!! :)

Here i am selling all but not the shades or boots.

Also i have some Jeffrey Campbell shoes, topshop stuff etc.. You can send me an email or add as a friend so you can Browse the folder.  Sorry again my sickly look. I am actually on a sickleave hence the sunglasses inside and messy hair! Well, i always have messy hair and i am always pale but not this pale :D  So bare with me a while..

See you soon!

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