Mar 19, 2013

"I’m just a musical prostitute, my dear." - Freddie Mercury.

 I am so obsessed, that i had to make a blogpost just about these shoes which belong to a  friend of mine whom i mentioned before( her blog here). I am already planning to steal them next time i visit her! Even though the shoes are like 2 or 3 sizes too big!!! Who cares, because they are fabulous. Italian lethear, and she found them from a thriftstore. Seriously! I never find anyting this good while i am browsing trough all the fleamarkets and whatnot.
Next time i will take her with me to be my lucky charm ;)

 So what do you think? As you know how shoe crazy i am, that it's killing me to not own these babies  :D

Ok, so i add some more to this post.
 The newest KENZO collection-
I am sold. It is absolutely my favorite brand with Givenchy right now. Pure perfection-

The eye theme is perfect and i already  hooked my own  eyes to some pieces, like the eye shoes, tops, sweaters..oh, everything! and i am still obsessing with their "tigermania" collection too. Happily i own few pieces from that collection. My future children or grandchildren etc..  will be happy that their mommy/granny/aunt was a "desingerwhore". The clothes and shoes (all the desinger stuff i own) will be worth a pretty penny in the future, i think..

Here some photos!

 Kenzo pictures from and google.

Vintage shoe pictures courtesy of rocky road lily

See you soon, maybe with a new outfit post.

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