Aug 9, 2009

Working tittle

Of to Sicily next week!!! My boyfriend surprised me a trip to Sicily. We leave early in Wednesday morning and we will return in a week. I am sooo exited! I love to travel! And Sicily has always been one of the dream places!

Where did or will you travel this summer? Say the countries you have been and recommendations?
Macao: I lived there 4 months. I must say if you afford Chanel and love to gamble then its your place. Otherwise i dunno. There really isn't so much to do. Perks are that there is really cheap to travel elsewhere Asia. weather there is warm,super humid. December there gets colder and less humid what i recall.
Hongkong: Big city, i prefer this than Macao. Nice shopping city and you can find really cheap hotels/hostels in very good locations.
Kota kinabalu, Malaysia: Beautiful!Amazing! I say one of the best beaches you can find. You can go to these little islands where the beaches are and you can swim,explore etc..Relax. Everything. People there are really friendly and lovely.
Singapore: Shop till you drop! And go to relax after that to beautiful beach. Singapore is this little place full of everything. And that zoo! Love it!
London, UK: I lived there year on-off and that place is my favorite of them all. My dream city. I will later go there again and after my studies i will go to work there for a year or so. There is culture, shopping,relaxing and love those people there. exquisite!
France, Paris: The Lovers city, Pretty. One of my favorites too.
Gambia, Africa: If you wanna relax in the beach or explore some Africa, this is your place.

This is for now, i tell you some other day about some scandinavian countries i have visited etc..
Have a nice rest of the summer!

outfit: American apparel shorts, H&M knitwear, Asos shoes
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