Dec 8, 2013

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.” ― Marilyn Monroe (give away!)

Okay, i asked few of my fellow bloggers to review their favourite mascara. As some of you know i am bit of a mascara junkie. Always searching for the perfect one. 
 It's party season and mascara is one of the main things when it comes to party makeup. So, here are few choices to try out.
Thanks Kristen, Danielle and Chhaya for the reviews! 

The first reviewer is Kristen from Style by Kristen Blair.

"There are two make-up products that I absolutely could not live without:  bronzer (or, as my roommate and I call it,, our “glow”) and mascara.  No matter where I am going, with the exception of the gym of course, I always have them on my face.  I make it a general rule of thumb not to leave the home without them (I mean, I don’t want to scare the children…haha!).  
 I am extremely picky about the make-up products I put on my face.  I just personally feel that if it is going on my face (which everyone sees and is the most sensitive skin on my body!), then it is worth spending a few extra dollars so that I know it is high quality.  With that being said, my mascara is no exception.  I use False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara from Mac (you can find it from here.). I usually get it from Nordstrom (the mall closest to my house doesn't have a Mac store!) and it costs $21.  While it is not the most expensive or most high-end mascara you can use, it is definitely a little pricy for a girl on a budget such as myself (I am still in college and trying to stretch every penny as far as I can!).

I have tried many different types of mascara before finally settling on this one, and I was drawn to this one over any of the others, mainly because of the brush.  A lot of mascaras have different, new brushes and while that is great for some people, I am personally a fan of the traditional lush brush.  It does not run like some non-waterproof mascaras tend to do (I am not a fan of waterproof mascara myself, so this was a huge plus for me!).  However, I will warn you, if you have long lashes or you don’t want your lashes to have a more dramatic look, this product may not be for you! It definitely does as the name implies… It makes you look as though you're wearing false lashes!

This mascara is my all time favorite, and I don't know that anyone could ever make me try a new one, let alone make the change more permanently.  "

Second review is from Danielle from kanielemegumi

" So, this is my two favorite mascaras. the first being the Benefit They're Real mascara, which,  i know everyone in the whole world seems to have already raved about, but you can listen to me rave about it some more. it is literally the definition of perfect when it comes to mascara, it has the given natural look that most people look for, but adds the natural volume and length to make the final touch perfection. honestly it was worth every penny that i payed for it! 
the second mascara being the CoverGirl Flamed Out mascara. now, i heard that it was good from a friend of mine so, of course, i had to try it out. for only being around $6, its one of the better drugstore mascara. it doesn't over do it on the volume or length. i don't find that it clumps as easily as other mascaras, and i just feel like it has almost the same natural look that i can obtain with the Benefit They're Real mascara for a fraction of the cost. i am not a world renowned mascara reviewer so this is only my opinion, everyone else has a right to theirs, and if you disagree that's fine. 

love, danielle"

Last one is from Chhaya from Your bubbly butterfly

"The wand does not only create magic in Harry Potter movies but also in real life. The magic wand which I am referring to is my Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara. :) If you check out the product description on their portal, they have mentioned it as "all-in-one formula" and I also second that. Once you finish reading this post even you would nod your head in consent with me, I am sure. :) I was so much impressed with this Mascara that I thought to pen down this experience for you all if you are searching for a good makeup staple to keep your eyes bubbly throughout the day just like "Your bubbly butterfly"; your search is over here. :)

So this all-green-ticks formula gives clearly defined visible lashes and will fix and focus all the eyes for a compelling gaze!! Trust me sweethearts!  I just have to apply one stroke on my lashes (which dries up really quick) to be ready to fight the day-long battle with no smear or smudge whatsoever. What I love most is it not giving a dry look to my lashes after putting it on; there is always a luster and shine. This utilitarian, miraculous product has also won 2013 Editor's Choice Award for "Best Natural Mascara".This puts a full stop to all descriptions.Time for another pic and If you want, Shop it here . :)"

To see more pictures check out her website with the full review HERE!

I was surprised for all the emails and messages i got after i posted about this opportunity in Lucky contributors community. So thanks so much guys! Remember to check out my girls blogs too!

Because it's christmas time i thought to host a little give away! 

So the give away includes three mascaras from Maybelline, one mascara from L'oreal and  nail polish in pretty pink from Lumene. All mascaras are black and not waterproof. 

All you have to do is leave your info in this post or email me. (nita.karoliina(at)
To get additional vote follow me via google friend connect or Bloglovin'.
You have time until midnight 12.12.13.
Everyone can participate!

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