Mar 28, 2013

But for me, if you can eat babe the pig you can eat Ted the serial killer quote by me.

That quote is my new favorite saying. But lets not go there. I went there in my tumblr and beyond but this blog is simply about clothes and such. So i will not go there here. Check my tumblr if you got interested.

Anyhow, i am still sick,
 No worries!
 I am not dying. Just a sticky little bug that won't leave even after i'ts stayed way over i'ts welcome.
But here is something pretty to look at. Though it doesn't look that good hanging on the hanger but believe me when i say its pretty!

Hopefully i will be back from the dead soon. See ya!

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  1. That is an amazing shirt. I love your blog. Okay. So i hate doing this to you, but could you possibly (if you have a chance) check out my blog...? I just made it. Thank you.

  2. get well soon, babe! i just got over a cold myself. i can't wait to see how you style this top :) love you.

    xx james


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