Feb 6, 2013

vintage givenchy and Moses

 The other day it was Pablo, and now Moses wanted to say hi!!! Isn't he the cutest? I have to make a post about them some other day. I am a proud mommy :)

Here for you guys is one of my favorite quotes, very beautiful, very true..

pain is the joy of knowing
the unkindest truth
that arrives without
life is being alone
death is being alone.
even the fools weep
morning night and noon.
" - Charles Bukowski, Brainless Eyes from The People Look Like Flowers at Last

 outfit: zara mens tee, zara pants, aAlexander wang kori   shoesvintage  givenchy bag (love it, i have it in small size too. I love to live in south Helsinki, so many good designer vintage shops!)

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