Feb 17, 2013

It's good day to die hard

Ehem, as the title suggests, that i am a huge John Mclane fan. The first one is the best of course.

 I had to post this last photo because of the expression. Obviously i am directing my poor photographer.

I dont get it where these  cocky expressions come. I am sorry about that!
Also i felt like a super Mario while wearing this outfit! It was fun!

 Look: Lipstick is Max Faxtor lipfinity (it really lasts quite forever!!!) , vegan leather one piece from nastygal, vintage top, vintage givenchy bag, Boots are Jeffrey Campbells versions of the Balenciaga boots,

psssst. You can find me from COSTUME FINLAND TOO! It's the coolest magazine in Finland.

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  1. Stunning!
    I love this look! You look exactly like my friend Tiina it's scary!

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  2. great blog! found you on lookbook :) I'm following you now ♥
    would you be interested in winning a blog presentation?
    Just stop by here: http://www.strangeness-and-charms.com/2013/02/win-blogpresentation.html

    dahi ♥


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