Jan 23, 2013

“a killing unhappiness: never knowing what you might have been.” — Charles Bukowski.

 Every winter, the same problem. I just dont have anything nice to blog about. I've bought lots and lots of new things but always too busy or too dark to make any outfit photos.
These are from our holiday while in Florida.
I think i have serious addiction! I cant stop shopping acne or alexander wang shoes!!! My poor wallet..

Today is my birthday. Freaking 28 years. Sigh.

Notice that i forgot to move that size tape from my tee before shooting :D

 outfit: new Raybans, i dont wear anyother brand than this. That's why i already have 5 pairs.. ehem..
 Zara pants and top and flats from urban outfitters plus bag is Micharl Kors.

See you as soon as possible! Hopefully we shoot something this weekend.

extra picture. Sneak peak of my closet..(which is basically our whole appartment).

Jeffrey Campbells, Acne free boots.

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  1. Looking great girl, not a day older than a 22 year old!
    Have a Happy birthday!
    By the way, I'm a fan of your style for a couple of years now and recently i've opened my own blog so you're more than ivited to check it out.
    Have a great week

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  3. thanks Lena!!! you are the sweetest. i'll check your blog out"


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