Dec 8, 2011

It's winter

Ok, it's winter time now (in Finland anyway..) So, i picked my favorite coats to show you guys from and Topshop.
1. Asos Aztec pattern coat

2. Cooper & Stollbrand for asos

3.Asos coat with faux fur collar    I have this one myself.

4. Collarless faux fur from Topshop

5. Animal collar boyfriend faux fur by topshop
6. Best of british coat from topshop

These are just the few. Internet is full of great coats right now. A lot to choose from.

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  1. Love the green on, it looks great

  2. Toi ensimmäinen näyttää kivalta! :-) Ja mulle on nyt tullut tekoturkishimo. En omista yhtäkään ja jostain syystä juuri nyt mä päätin, että haluan sellaisen. :-D
    Tää Andyn oma on upea:

  3. oh! oh!!!! hell yes :) i Love all of these! great choices babe! hope that you are well and keeping warm! miss you <3 x jamie

  4. oi Andyn takki on kiva,

    Thanks guys <3

  5. Great and well done ideas i find here.

  6. love it!

  7. hope that your day is well babe! just followed you back on twitter :) i saw a girl on campus with the most amazing pants and i thought of you<3 hope you are well

    love, jamie

  8. Well here in argentina it´s summer but i already can see myself craving for some aztec print coat for next winter!like the first one <3


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