Nov 24, 2011

This side of paradise

Ignore that vacuum cleaner behind me..ehrm..

 These pants were the piece i wanted from Versace for H&M collection. Also there was one dress i drooled over but it was sold out..damn..Did you get anything?

 Weather is getting shitty here so more" inside photos" coming this winter/fall. When i can, i try to shoot them outside. But bare with me..

outfit: Versace for H&M pants, Rodarte for opening ceremony boots, T by Alexander Wang muscle top.

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  1. WOWEE!!!! Those are awesome! :) I didn't get any for myself cos we dont have it here in our city but would've loved to get the leather jacket!! BOO :(

    Adore your blog! Hope you can visit my blog back. Also, following you on Google Connect and I hope you could follow me too...that would be sweet!

    Much love from Canada~

  2. OMG perfect pants!

  3. oh how i have missed you my love. i did inside photos because the weather was shitty today, too, haha. hope that you are well sweet babe!

    x jamie

  4. hi sweeties! will visit your blogs soon :)


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