Oct 21, 2011

once more with feeling

Found 2 more from last weekend.
Here is that jacket my boyfriend tells me that i wear too much. He even said  that he will burn it someday! Never in my watch..
But now i REALLY promise that i won't post these kind of pics anymore. Or in a while anyway..ehrm.. So after this back to  normal "look what i am wearing" styleblog shots. Just bear with me..

  Bonus picture..

 My little boy PABLO :)

Have a great weeknd guys!
I've got to work almost the whole thing but i guess there is some time for playing as well..;)

 outfit: vintage jacket, american gold bells. (that previous link didn't work so lets try again. Check THIS LINK to find another great pair of bell's by american gold) weekday boots, alexander wang bag.

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  1. i've missed you my sweet little nita <3 your jacket rocks! i hope you wear it until it rips, haha. and i hope that you are doing well, friend. i hope life is treating you well! i miss you!

    xx jamie

  2. love the jacket !! what a beautiful outfit :)
    great blog !!
    would you like to follow each other ? :)

    kisses, melina

  3. Pablo is so cute, and your jacket is great!

  4. im not really a dog lover, but yours is too cute!


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