Mar 26, 2011

Mjukt Ljus: Interview #6 - Karoliina Lappalainen

 Here is a little interview made by my fellow blogger Magdalena. Check it out!

Mjukt Ljus: Interview #6 - Karoliina Lappalainen: "Fantastic Finnish girl with rock'n'roll vibe – meet Karoliina Lappalainen known as Nita Please tell us something about yourself. I am 26..."


  1. loving the interview...and loving your lace bell bottoms in the post 2 posts down.

  2. that was an excellent interview! It was so nice learning more about you! I was surprised that you are 26, I thought you were much younger. I love your fashion philosophy about not following the rules! I love independent thinkers! I really enjoyed the interview, you are a super interesting person!

  3. Lovely interview!
    I actually wasn't aware you lived in NY- can you think of any really good vintage stores (or just stores in general) that I should hit up when I'm there this Summer?

  4. love it!

  5. what an entertaining interview! you shop every week? oh girl so do i! we'd get in so much trouble together lol


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