Feb 13, 2011

shoes and shoes

 Here is one outfit with 2 shoes. First i was thinking of wearing Alexander Wang one's but changed them into Jeffrey Campbell Lita's. Here we go.

 And here is the Alexander Wang one's. They are a bit tricky to walk first. I have to do some practise..:D

 outfit: Forever21 skirt and belt, American Apparel socks and top, Jeffrey Campell Litas in first pictures and Alexander Wang constantine platforms in last, Topshop jacket and mulberry bag.

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  1. aaamaaazing skirt! looks fab on you girl!


  2. HOT! i love this skirt! im soo in love with the alexandar wang booties you have <3

  3. skirt is amazing xxxxx

  4. Really perfect look (as usual) - I can't decide whether the Litas or the Wang platforms look better, both are very cute : )

  5. Great outfit. Love your skirt and shoes. X


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