Feb 16, 2011


 Something new. You'll see them on action soon.

forever21 shoes

free people pants
river island pants via asos.com
source: asos.com, free people

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  1. Gorgeous shoes. So many possibilities.

  2. those shoes are so cool! cant wait to see you rock em :P

    how cool that youre from Finland! and that youre moving back! id love to see pictures of the country<3 too bad we couldnt have had some new york pizza together although i am all the way here in california :) well, i was studying to be an accountant or financial advisor, but it got really boring and i remembered how i hate working in a corporate setting and trying to climb up the corporate latter, so i decided to change my studies to become a teacher! im so excited and cant wait to start that chapter of my life :) what about you?

    well, im not married yet! although we are finally getting ready to plan for our wedding! a lot of things happened that slowed the process down.. things like family matters and my oldest brother passing away.. when are you getting married?! did you guys set a date yet? im sure you read this in my blog already but OMG i found my wedding dress! i didnt really show a picture of it in my post because Marc goes on my blog sometimes and i dont want him to see the picture of the dress :) but if youd like to see it i can email it to you! do you know the kind of wedding you want? outdoors? simple? small? large?

    i have a four day weekend coming up so i'll do more posts :) until then, ciao! i'll talk to you soon dearest! xo

  3. So cute! I am especially loving those shoes. Adorable! <3

    xx Laura

  4. Love the relaxed pants! Can't wait to see them on you.

  5. loving the shoes1 and great pants:))


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