Jan 16, 2011


 Saw the Fighter yesterday and it was incredible. Cast was brilliant. I always admire Christian Bale and his transformations in every movie. He simply doesn't only act, he becomes the charachter he is playing, Love the man. Also Amy Adams and Mark were brilliant. Warmly recommend. :)

 Sorry, i still look quite sick and worn out in these pictures. This flu has been really tough. Hopefuly it will get better soon. Bare with me..again :)

 My look for the movies:

 Hair a bit messy after being outside in the wind. Had the best mocha in a cafe somewhere in 14th street. I think the cafe's name was pourpon cafe... Not sure..

outfit: ASOS coat, vintage shirt from beacon's closet, second hand t-shirt, cross necklace also from beacon's closet, STYLESTALKER leggings (I love those, so comfy),  Jeffrey Campbell two toner wedges, Mulberry bag (not pictured)

Hopefuly next time i won't look this sick and we get better pictures. Still time to participate the give away! Just look here.

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