May 20, 2010


I wanted to share you some pictures. This for example is from a year 2005 and i am this dark haired girl kissing that other girl. (Second left.) You propably didnt know that i am originally brunette :).

From the year 2006. My 21´st party. ( second right)
Oh my how young we look. Pablo is so junior in this. I think i am 20 here.
About 20 here too..

This is more now. Oh, well, i am 25 years old  now and by looking those pictures from 5 years ago makes me wish not to grow any older..Allthough with age comes wisdom, am i right?  ;)

Well, this was more personal post than i usually do. Totally nonfashion relaited. Hope you dont mind.
Next time new pictures, i´ll promise. We will go again to the NYC on saturday so propally some pictures from there. I have a mission to buy for my mom a new bag. She desires PRADA. We will see..
Oh and i want to check out Topshop if i may find some cool Kate Moss for Topshop gear! Wish me luck!

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